High-Rise Shorts for Women

Women's High-Rise Shorts

On the hunt for some new shorts yet again? Naturally, every woman has her own preferences, and it all depends on which denim shorts suit your body type the best. For a lady who is really petite, a pair of jean shorts that looks great on someone with curves could be a complete disaster. Well as trends keep going, we keep seeing a huge increase in demand for mom-style jeans and shorts that have a higher waist, longer pockets, and slightly a little baggier fitting than other traditional jeans or shorts trends. Introducing high-rise shorts, which are apparel that has a high rise or high waist, and is one that is made to sit high on or above the wearer's hips, often at least 8 centimeters (3 inches) above the waistline. Denim like this that fits loosely has a really laid-back vibe and can flatten your bottom due to the longer pockets and slightly baggier fit. 

We advise looking for a pair with a little stretch and concentrating on making sure that they fit nicely around your natural waist in order to get a pair of genuine denim high-rise-fit shorts. High-rise shorts are incredibly comfy and wonderfully flattering, thanks to their vintage-inspired, tailored design. They offer a bigger leg opening so that you won't feel uncomfortable whether you're sitting or walking. Check out some of our best-selling women’s high-rise shorts now!