Shackets FAQ

What are shackets?

A shacket is a shirt-jacket hybrid with a looser fit that is all the rage right now. Even though shackets have been around for a while, they have recently been given a boost by modern fashion gurus on social media. The term "shacket" refers to the fact that the garment combines a shirt and a jacket. Its widespread acceptance can be attributed to the fact that its basic design makes it both comfortable and practical. The most common shackets you’ll find on our website are corduroy and plaid. 

How to style a shacket

One of the best parts about shackets is that they can be worn with many different outfits to enhance your look. Think of it as a new, more stylish version of a cardigan. If you’re wearing jeans and a sweater, put a shacket over the sweater and you can add more of a spark to your cold-weather attire. If you’re wearing joggers and a hoodie, put a shacket over the hoodie to add some stylish to your more casual look. During the colder months of the year, plaid shackets can be worn as part of a festive ensemble. A shacket can also be styled in a more feminine fashion by layering it over a dress and accessorizing it with heels or boots.

How to wear a shacket

You may wear them over a thin shirt and under a heavier coat thanks to the wool blends and leather fabrications that make them thicker than a regular shirt but lighter than a traditional winter coat. Typically, shackets are worn until they reach the hips. They can be worn in warmer weather, as well as chilly because they aren’t heavy at all. Check out our selection of shackets if you're looking for a simple and stylish way to update your fall wardrobe.

What to wear with a shacket

A light color shacket goes great with dark pants and a dark top and if you’re wearing a light-colored top and pants, consider wearing a dark-colored shacket. A shacket won’t protect you from very cold weather, so if it's snowing outside, you’ll still need a real coat. But, if it’s just a bit chilly outside, a shacket is the perfect choice of protection. Our store has many different colors and pattern options on our shackets, so you’ll find a lot of variety when deciding which one will fit your wardrobe the best. We also have pink shackets that go great with more lightly-colored outfits.